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Eve Fleisig


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Eve Fleisig

PhD student at UC Berkeley | Ethical NLP

I'm a second-year PhD student at UC Berkeley, advised by  Rediet Abebe and Dan Klein. My research lies at the intersection of natural language processing and ethical AI: how can we create NLP systems that we trust to work for all users, without perpetuating societal harms?

I recently graduated from Princeton, where my undergraduate thesis on gender bias mitigation in machine translation won the Outstanding Senior Thesis Award and Sigma Xi Book Award. I've also worked on transfer learning for low-resource languages and the psycholinguistics of bilingualism, advised by Christiane Fellbaum.

My research is supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Interested in chatting or collaborating? 

Reach out to me at efleisig :at: berkeley :dot: edu


My surname is pronounced /'flʌɪsɪg/ ("fly"-sihg).

🇦🇷¡Siempre estoy feliz de charlar con otros latinoamericanos!

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